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Dian Shuai is a composer and musician originally from Beijing, China, who has studied music and piano since the age of three, along with harpsichord and organ studies for several years. He has showcased his musical talents in numerous concerts and events, performing on piano, voice, and baroque keyboard instruments. Notably, at the age of 11, Dian recorded a piano album featuring Burgmüller's etudes, and also performed in a choir at the Wiener Musikverein.

Dian received his Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of California, Berkeley, where he focused on music composition and film scores. He continued his studies at the prestigious Eastman School of Music after graduating from UC Berkeley, where he honed his music skills in classical composition and film scoring under the tutelage of world-renowned composers Mark Watters and Jeff Beal. Dian is also a member of The Society of Composers & Lyricists. In 2023, Dian worked as an orchestrator in the music team of the documentary "Eastman at 100." Dian's accomplishments also include winning the Grand Prize, the Absolute Platinum Prize, with a perfect score of 100 in the 2023 Global International Music Competition. He recently completed an Off-Broadway-Themed music show titled "Dreams of Dracula," which is set to premiere in New York City in October 2023.

As a film composer, Dian's compositions are celebrated for their ability to enhance the visual storytelling of a film through their emotional depth and technical precision. Dian has worked on projects across a wide range of genres and styles, demonstrating his versatility and adaptability as a composer.

Dian's passion for music extends beyond film and TV scoring, and he has a particular affinity for baroque music. He has studied baroque music extensively, incorporating his knowledge into his work as a composer. His solid classical music education has allowed him to bring a unique perspective to his film-scoring work, resulting in music that is both innovative and grounded in tradition.

Dian is a dedicated and talented musician who is always looking for ways to grow and evolve as a music composer. He is committed to his craft and to creating music that inspires and connects with audiences around the world. Moreover, Dian is open and willing to engage and cooperate with various art forms, including installation art and other creative mediums, to expand the reach and impact of his music. His passion and versatility as a composer make him an exciting and valuable collaborator for artists and filmmakers seeking to enhance their projects with exceptional and emotionally evocative music.

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