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Image by Paul Green




In the 11 years I have been learning to play piano, my favorite style is absolutely Romantic period. Among these composers, my favorite is Chopin. I love his tender melancholic melodies that convey deep sadness and longing. I often imagine he plays the piano in the moonlight, lost in his own world.

My teacher also had a deep appreciation for this outstanding composer and introduced me to Chopin's music when I first knew him. So I often listen and play his music. From the time I took the ABRSM exam, from level 5 to performance level, I have always had Chopin's works in my repertoire.

The piece I chose was Chopin's earliest nocturne, which I found particularly attractive. It had a hauntingly beautiful melody that moved me incredibly and I felt a strong connection to the music.

In my past competitions, I participated in Steinway Piano Competition and was proud to win first prize. This was an important moment in my musical journey and inspired me to continue striving for excellence in piano playing.

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