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Image by Paul Green

Nathaniel and Caleb


Nathaniel and Caleb

Nathaniel Choi: Nathaniel began musical training when he was 5 years old. Nathan has been playing the piano for 12 years and the cello for 8 years. Nathan has received awards for his playing including recognition from International Youth Music Competitions, National Gospel Music Competition, Maryland Solo & Ensemble Festival. He was invited to perform at the Dimenna Center for Classical Music in New York. Nathan is also an active participant in several orchestras, including Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestra [BSYO], Peabody Youth Orchestra, Howard County, Maryland Gifted and Talented Orchestra and Sinfonia. He was the principal cellist in BSYO Concert Orchestra. Nathan enjoys performing at the local senior centers during holidays and at church events.

Caleb Choi: Caleb has been playing the piano for 11 years and the violin for 8 years. Caleb has received first place in IYMC [International Youth Music Competitions] in classical piano, Honorable Mention Award in Artists of the Year International Music Competition. Honorable Mention Award in Classical Hobbyists Competition. Caleb joined the Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestra [BSYO] since 2018; served as a principal in second violin section for BSYO Youth Orchestra. He was also part of 2023 BSYO's first-ever international tour. He has had multiple solo and chamber music experiences since elementary school. In addition, Caleb has performed with the Howard County, Maryland Elementary, Middle School, and High School Gifted/Talented Orchestra and Sinfonia. Participated in 2022, 2023 All State Junior Orchestra. Taking lessons and practicing is not always easy or enjoyable but music has brought him many opportunities to share his passion for the piano and violin. Caleb believes that music can influence people in positive ways such as teaching teamwork and perseverance.

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