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Composition & Improvisation & Arrangement

Age Group:

Group A: Ages 0-15.

Group B: Ages 16-20.

Group C: Ages 21-25.

Group D: Ages 26-30.

Group E: Ages 31-35.

Group F: 36+

Time Limits:

Please just submit ONE piece of music. There is no time limit for the duration of the piece. 

1. The New York Victory International Music Competition (hereafter referred to as NYVIMC) is an online competition that allows participants to submit a video showing their highest performance level. The competition consists of one round.
2. The NYVIMC is held monthly, participants can submit applications any day of the month, and the results will be announced on the 20th of the following month.
3. Participants can join more than one category within the same month's competition but must submit an independent application form and fee for each category separately.
4. The performance in the composition, improvisation, and arrangement category must be a live performance by the composer or another musician, ensemble, or midi format. Only compositional quality will be evaluated. A music score is not required but encouraged (participants can upload the music score in PDF format when filling out the application form). Your score will not be utilized for any purposes by the NYVIMC.
5. Please submit ONE piece of music that is reflective of the applicant's current level. There is no time limit for the duration of the piece. However, the jurors reserve the right to evaluate the first 10 minutes of the work. Again, there is no limit to the type or number of instruments used.
6. There will be no evaluation of the quality of the performance in the composition and arrangement category. However, an exceptional performance might showcase the composition's excellence. Participants in the composition and arrangement category do NOT need to perform from memory.
7. Improvisation category: FREE improvisation of any genre and musical style. Due to the special nature of this category, participants do NOT need to submit a music score of their improvisation. 
8. All participants shall submit publicly available YouTube or Bilibili video links. Please ensure that the YouTube or Bilibili video is set to PUBLIC mode. Private YouTube links or downloadable links are not accepted. In addition, the video must clearly show the performer's face and hands.
9. The recording does not need to be of professional quality, but the audio must be recognizable. Better scores may be awarded for your performance if you provide the jurors with high-quality audio and video recordings.
10. The video or works submitted for the competition must have been made no more than 18 months before the month of the competition. 
11. Juries's comments will not be disclosed. Jurors' decisions are final and can't be appealed. 
12. To ensure fairness, judges who have taught or coached applicants before, even in master classes, are not allowed to judge their performances. The jury's decision is final and cannot be appealed.
13. The NYVIMC has the right to change the rules, schedule, and other competition information.
14. All application fees must be paid in full before an application can be processed and are non-refundable. Incomplete applications or those not including the required documentation will not be processed.
15. Participants can not claim legal rights to recordings and photographs submitted or any broadcasts produced in connection with the competition. Any performances, photographs, recordings, or broadcasts on television will be free of charge to the NYVIMC, which retains all legal rights. 



98-100%: Grand Prize

92-97%: 1st Prize

86-91%: 2nd Prize

80-85%: 3rd Prize

Application fees: 75 USD.

“Where words fail, music speaks.”  —— Hans Christian Andersen 

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